Luxez Full Goose Downs Feather Duvet Customer Review

22 Aug 2021
- 100% Feather Proof Cotton 400 Thread counts Per Sq. Inch for Outer Fabric - 100% of 95% Purity of White Goose Downs Feather Fillings - 18 Steps Washed And Sanitized Goose Downs Feather Hence Less Smell - Provides Body Heat Insulation At Feather Light Weight - Good For Blood Circulation While Sleeping - Goose Downs Feather Effectively Trap Room Temperature Air And Mix With Body Heat To Control The Right Warmness For Our Body. - Goose Downs Feather Duvet is Breathable, and Good Moist Absorption, So It will Keep Your Skin Always Dry and Healthy - It Creates A Perfect And Healthy Temperature For Our Body - 8 Loops Available for Duvet Cover With 8 Strings - All Feathers are from Sustainable Source, NOT From Living Animal - Expected Lifespan up to 8 years - Size Compatible To Most Malaysia / Singapore Duvet Cover - DO NOT WET WASH - Dry Clean Recommended - Ventilate In Shaded Area To Refresh The Feathers - It is NORMAL If Some Tiny Downs Feather On the Fabric Surface. Buy Online Now Official Store https://bit.ly/2RA6CK9