Luxez 100% Tencel Full Bed Set

Luxez 100% Tencel Full Bed Set

Luxez 100% Tencel Full Bed Set

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Weight(grams): 3500

Dimension: 35 cm (Length) x 24 cm (Width) x 12 cm (Height)

What is Tencel ?: Tencel is environmentally processed and made from a sustainably souce of natural raw material beech woods.

Is Tencel better than Cotton ?: If you are looking for beddings has a smoother, shine finish and silky soft feel from day one. Tencel is breathable like cotton. Tencel is the best choice for hot sleepers.

Why Tencel Feels Cooling: Thanks to the Tencel fabric properties, it has a very good moist management which will keep you feel cooller than room temperature.

How To Take Care of Tencel Bedding ?: In order to protect and prolong the product life, it is recommended to put your Tencel beddings into a laundry net before send for machine wash. Gentle wash and iron in low to medium temperature. Tencel is a quick dry fabric, hang dry in shaded area or drying low medium in Dryer will help to up keep the Tencel fabric in tip top condition.

Luxez Luxury Tencel Full Bed Set Collection

  • 100% Tencel (Certified Original)

  • 1000 Thread Counts

  • Solid Colour Design

  • Fitted Sheet Fits Mattress Up to 40cm

  • Good Colour Fastness

  • Smooth Texture and Good Shine

  • Guarantee No Cotton Balls and Peeling

  • Cooling and Durable

  • Easy Care, Normal Machine Wash, and Tumble Dry at Low-Medium Temperature

  • Full Set Consists of Fitted Sheet, Duvet Cover, Pillow Case, Bolster Case

  • Refer the link for Size Chart

    Luxez Tencel Full Bed Set

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