Luxez 100% Cotton Hotel Towel

Luxez 100% Cotton Hotel Towel

Luxez 100% Cotton Hotel Towel

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Weight(grams): 500

Dimension: 36 cm (Length) x 25 cm (Width) x 7 cm (Height)

What is 100% Cotton Towel?: Cotton has been knowns for Centuries for good absorbency and gentleness to human skin. So it's tenderly soft, gentle to skin, good absorbency and less residue produced after washes. This kind of cotton has water absorbency guaranteed.

Why Hotel Prefers White Colour Towel?: The very first hotel who introduce White linen and towel into hotel back in 80s by a well known hotel chain in USA. White gives the sense of cleanliness, and fresh look when a guest check in. Many may think white is very hard to maintain and easily looks dirty. However, White can be soap in bleach water, or other whitening detergents to restore the white. And it also reminds us to wash our towel regularly at home to prevent stubborn dirt on towel.

How to take care a Cotton Towel?: Cotton is kind of fibre where can resist high temperature. You may throw your towel into washing machine wash with mid high temperature. Ideally 60 Degree Celsius, and tumble dry it or hang under sun. Please take note to hang your towel in a ventilated area to keep your towel always dry and clean. Should you need to make your white towel looks better, a small amount of bleach water into washing machine to wash will help whitening the towel.

This is a short pile 20s Double Hotel Towel: Short pile is known for durability in hospitality industry. It's durable and able to withstand repeated wash everyday. And it's also less likely to be picked by our sharp nail fingers.

Luxez 100% Cotton Hotel Towel Collection

  • Material: 100% Cotton

  • Weight: 450gsm (GSM is to measure the thickness of the towel)

  • Pile to pile design, enhanced hands feel

  • Double Stitching Lock Hems Border For Durability Purpose

  • Great Softness Feel and Water Absorbency

  • Available in Bath, Hand and Face Towel

  • White Colour

  • Corporate Gift With Embroidery Welcome to Enquiry

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  • luxez-hotel-white-towel

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