Luxez Full Goose Downs Duvet Quilt (For Summer) The Cloud Sleeping

Luxez Full Goose Downs Duvet Quilt (For Summer) The Cloud Sleeping

Luxez Full Goose Downs Duvet Quilt (For Summer) The Cloud Sleeping

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Weight(grams): 1900

Dimension: 58 cm (Length) x 10 cm (Width) x 43 cm (Height)

Goose Downs vs Duck Downs: Downs feather has been knowns for the tiniest feather under plumage that found on either Waterfowl, Duck or Goose. However, Goose Downs priced higher than Duck Downs, because the size of the downs feather on goose is far more larger than duck downs. A proper washed and sanitized goose downs will have very less minimal of smell if compare to duck downs and feather.

What is 95% Goose Downs Feather: Percentage of 95% is to measure the pureness of goose downs content in a feather bedding products. Top of the range is 95%, then followed by 75% and 50%.

The Benefits or Advantages of Using Goose Downs Duvet: Goose Down known for the best heat insulator in the world. Explorer to North Pole or South Pole are using Downs Jacket and Downs Blanket as heat insulator. Therefore this duvet or quilt is designed for summer or tropical climate is extremely light weight. The good things about the light weight is to promoting blood circulation in our body while we are sleeping. Even though it's light, but it still retain the fluffiness very well. Do you know that every 30 grams of down has around 2 millions fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap each others to create insulating air pocket, which is keep you warm. Goose down is softer, finer and warmer than duck down, if well kept or cared, it may last for decade.

Down is breathable by nature, so it eliminated moisture trapped in duvet or quilt which also will eliminate the growth of dust mites and other bacteria.

How to take care of Goose Downs Duvet or Quilt: Well it's easy, DO NOT Wet Wash it. You may Dry Clean it at laundry shop or air it in a shaded area like balcony or car porch. Air it regularly will help to "Refresh" the downs feather inside. However spot cleaning for small area on outer fabric by wet cloth is allowed.

What is The Cloud Sleeping ?: The Cloud Sleeping Series product will gives sleeper a ZERO Gravity sleeping position in order to get the optimum gentle support to our entire body from top to toe. It's like sleeping on a cloud, it's so soft, plushy and fluffy. This series product will featuring full goose downs products from pillow, duvet to topper.

Luxez Full Goose Downs Feather Duvet (Summer Duvet)


  • 100% Feather Proof Cotton 400 Thread counts Per Sq. Inch for Outer Fabric

  • 100% of 95% Purity of White Goose Downs Feather Fillings

  • 18 Steps Washed And Sanitized Goose Downs Feather Hence Less Smell

  • Provides Body Heat Insulation At Feather Light Weight

  • Good For Blood Circulation While Sleeping

  • Goose Downs Feather Effectively Trap Room Temperature Air And Mix With Body Heat To Control The Right Warmness For Our Body.

  • Goose Downs Feather Duvet is Breathable, and Good Moist Absorption, So It will Keep Your Skin Always Dry and Healthy

  • It Creates A Perfect And Healthy Temperature For Our Body

  • 8 Loops Available for Duvet Cover With 8 Strings

  • All Feathers are from Sustainable Source, NOT From Living Animal

  • Expected Lifespan up to 8 years

  • Size Compatible To Most Malaysia / Singapore Duvet Cover


  • Dry Clean Recommended

  • Ventilate In Shaded Area To Refresh The Feathers

  • It is NORMAL If Some Tiny Downs Feather On the Fabric Surface.

  • Refer Size Chart

  • Luxez 95% Goose Downs Feather DuvetLuxez 95% Goose Downs Feather DuvetLuxez 95% Goose Downs Feather Duvet
  • luxez the cloud sleeping full goose downs duvet

Luxez Full Goose Downs Feather Duvet Quilt

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