CNY 2021 RM165 Combo Set

CNY 2021 RM165 Combo Set

CNY 2021 RM165 Combo Set

RM 165.00

Category: Gift Set

Brand: Luxez

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Weight(grams): 4400

Dimension: 50 cm (Length) x 40 cm (Width) x 30 cm (Height)

What is Organic Cotton?: Organic Cotton also known as (a.k.a) Unbleached Cotton. Hence the colour of the fabric is not pure white. It carries cotton's original colour which is a little bit orangy cream colour. Unbleached Cotton is good for skin sensitive user.

What is Downs Alternative Pillow?: Downs Alternative is human made fibre to imitate the luxurious sleep comfort for goose downs feather pillow. It gives luxurious feel that goose downs feather gives and it's machine washable.

What is 100% Long Staple Cotton?: Cotton has been knowns for Centuries for good absorbency and gentleness to human skin. Within cotton, there are many subcategory which differentiate in terms of their qualities. The most highest range is called Egyptian Cotton. The reason why Egyptian Cotton been named at the top is it carries one of the most important properties which other cotton don't have. It's has the longest fibre length. The longer the fibre, the more smoother, shinier and lesser fibre joint for the fabric. So Long Staple Cotton carries the long fibre properties where Egyptian Cotton has, it falls on the upper side in Cotton family chart. So it's tenderly soft, gentle to skin, good absorbency and less residue produced after washes. This kind of cotton has the highest purity without other residues.

CNY2021 RM165 Combo Set

  • Why still buying comsumable food and beverage hamper this year?

  • Gift a healthy sleep this year with 2x Hotel Pillow, 1x Luxury Hotel Bath Towel and 1x Bolster

  • Presents sense of caring and personal touch

  • High perceived value, total package cost RM366

  • Replace all your old pillows and bolster in this new year marks a fresh start

  • Package Consists of
    2x 100% Organic Cotton Downs Alternative Pillow 
    1x Luxury Hotel Bath Towel
    1x Bolster (FREE)

  • Details About Organic Pillow Please Click Here

  • Details About Luxury Hotel Bath Towel Please Click Here

    100% Organic Cotton Pillow

Luxez 100% Organic Cotton Hotel Downs Alternative Pillow

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