Luxez Downs Alternative Duvet / Quilt
Luxez Downs Alternative Duvet / Quilt
Luxez Downs Alternative Duvet / Quilt
Luxez Downs Alternative Duvet / Quilt
Luxez Downs Alternative Duvet / Quilt


Luxez Downs Alternative Duvet / Quilt

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Weight(grams): 2300

Dimension: 43 cm (Length) x 20 cm (Width) x 54 cm (Height)

What is Downs Alternative Fibre?: Downs Alternative is human made fibre to imitate the luxurious sleep comfort for goose downs feather and soft touch like silk. The best part for this fibre is machine washable.

Will It Feel Static When We Touch It ?: Machine brushed microfibre will NOT gives static kind of feeling to our skin. It's become softer and smooth like Cotton.

Why the weight of duvet is important ?: The weight will determine the effectiveness of the duvet to insulate the heat. Don't worry, our duvet is engineered for our local weather.

4 Corner Loop: Our duvet has a loop at each corner of the duvet, you may tie a knot at each corner to secure it in your duvet cover, so it will always stay in position.

Luxez Hotel Downs Alternative Duvet / Quilt

  • 100% Downs Alternative Duvet

  • Machine Brushed Fabric For Maximum Soft and Comfort

  • Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Satic and Water Repellent Fabric

  • 4 Corner Loop To Lock Position in Duvet Cover

  • Filled by Downs Alternative Fibre, It's Smooth, and fine touch like Silk

  • Heavy Weight Quilted with 200gsm

  • Good For Malaysia Weather (Breathable)

  • Machine Washable With Low Temperature

  • Fillings Spread Evenly and Stay Evenly Even Repeated Washes

  • Durable for Hospitality Industry

  • Size Compatible To All Malaysia / Singapore Bed

  • Refer Size Chart

Luxez Microfibre Downs Alternative Duvet

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