Luxez Tri-Fold Fold Mattress
Luxez Tri-Fold Fold Mattress
Luxez Tri-Fold Fold Mattress
Luxez Tri-Fold Fold Mattress
Luxez Tri-Fold Fold Mattress
Luxez Tri-Fold Fold Mattress


Luxez Tri-Fold Fold Mattress

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Weight(grams): 7600

Dimension: 92 cm (Length) x 24 cm (Width) x 66 cm (Height)

Ultra Portable Mattress: This mattress is space saving, portable to outdoor camping or for extra home guest. Tri Fold mattress feels like normal mattress when it's fully opened. Fold it when not in use, it comes with a durable PVC zipper bag where you can store the mattress in the bag. Keep it away from dusts and dirt.

Breathable Imported Knitted Fabric: When selecting a sleeping mattress, most crucial material that has direct contact to our skin is the fabric of the mattress. Our skin loves breathable material, like Cotton or this knitted type fabric. It's allow our skin to breath hence no sweat. And it's also allow the air flow thru the inner of the mattress to keep the mattress hygienic and keep ventilated.

What is Eco Friendly Foam ?: Eco friendly foam is material and chemical been used are friendly to our mother earth and human body. The foam is firm and durable, and most importantly less harmful smell and hypoallergenic.

Edge Fusing: Edge fusing is very important for a proper made mattress. The edging of mattress was fused with a strong tear proof fabric to further strengthen the encasing structure of the mattress. It's good for heavy duty use, and tear proof.

Luxez Tri-Fold Foldable Mattress

  • Single Size ( 90cm X 190cm Thick 7.6cm)

  • Firm Support Foam (Not Hitting Floor While Sleep On It)

  • Imported Knitted Fabric For Good Ventilation And Gentle To Skin

  • Edge Fused Further Protect The Fabric From Tear Off Over Long Period Of Time

  • Eco Foam Is Odorless And Free From Harmful Substances

  • Included A Travelling Zipper Bag For Storage Purpose

  • Good For Adult and Kid

  • No Chemical Smell

    Luxez Foldable MattressLuxez Foldable MattressLuxez Foldable MattressLuxez Foldable Mattress

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