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Biancoperla Malaysia

A Story,

A Good Story,

Always comes from Passion.

We believe in traditional craftsmanship, one of our values for
more than half a century, that led us to create La Sartoria di
Biancoperla: a perfect blend of style and attention to detail.
La Sartoria di Biancoperla is the bespoke bedding, bath, and
table items collection, made to meet any kind of request.
Style, elegance, skillful tailoring, and search for excellence
give life to refined bed sheets, soft towels, and elegant
table textiles in which high quality and rigorous hand-made
finishes dominate.

We select the best raw materials and the finest fabrics, 100%
organic and made without the use of toxic substances.
La Sartoria di Biancoperla is synonymous with luxury
and beauty, ideal for yachts and boat furnishings with
customizable details.

Our professionals are available for dedicated assistance. With
customized items, our exclusive bedding, bath, and table
linen collections dedicated to luxury Hotels, Spa & Wellness,
and Restaurants, will enhance every customer’s desire.

Tailor Made Custom Made

For three generations, Biancoperla linen manufacturers have
been creating bed, bath and table collections characterized by
the search for style and attention to detail, to meet the needs
of a loyal and particularly attentive clientele.

The ITPI - Istituto per la Tutela Produttori Italiani
(Institute for the protection of Italian manufacturers) is the
certifying company for products which are entirely 

This mark issued and certified that this product is entirely been
Made in Italy. Italy passed a law in 2009 stated that only product
TOTALLY made in Italy (planning, manufacturing and packaging)
are allowed to use the labels Made in Italy, 100% Italia, 
tutto italiano in every language, with or without the flag of Italy.

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Luxez is proud to be official distributor and representative of 
Biancoperla brand products in Malaysia. Feel free to drop us
your enquiry for custom made order. Biancoperla has 
exclusive genuine Made in Italy premium quality material 
to offer.

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