Cotton is a natural fiber that harvested from cotton plant that grows in warmer climates ie. China, India, Pakistan, United States of America, Brazil and etc. Cotton plant needs a constant temperatures between 18 - 30 degree celcius with ample sunshine and fairly dry conditions. 

Cotton is comfortable and gentle to human skin, soft and absorbent. It's also has has a very good strength against washing and tear. Cotton is easy care with normal machine or hand wash and dry well. Cotton is widely uses in apparel like blouse, skirts, shirts, dresses, childrenwear, jackets pants sweaters, as well as in home fashion like curtains, bedspreads, comforters, throws, towels, sheets, table cloths, mats, napkins, and etc.

Type of Cotton

  • Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian Cotton is the highest quality cotton in Cotton family. Egyptian Cotton usually made with extra long staple fiber which made the fabric extremely soft and incredibly durable. An extra long staple fibre like found in Egyptian Cotton will made the fiber alligned in a uniform and create a luster and silky feel on the fabric surface. So Egyptian Cotton is widely use in luxury bedding product.
  • Pima / Supima Cotton
​​​Pima Cotton is the long staple cotton that grown in United States of America. Supima is a registered trademark for Pima Cotton. It is also known for durability and strength.
  • Combed Cotton
Cottons were harvested in random length of fiber. It has short and long. A combing process is line up all fiber next to each other in the same direction, an aligned fibers were combed by an extremely fine brushes in order to remove all remaining impurities and short fibers so left only long and durable fiber before weave into yarn.  This process will make approximately lost of 15% - 20% initial cotton, and more time consuming process, hence the price of Combed Cotton is higher than normal raw cotton.
  • Cotton
Cotton Fiber comes from cotton plants. It is soft, fluffy, durable and is widely produced natural fiber in the world. The earliest found evidence of the use of cotton dated to 5500 BC.  Cotton has proven the most friendly fiber to human since many many centuries ago.
  • 50/50 Cotton or TC 
50/50 Cotton is made by 50% Cotton and 50% Microfibre. This fabric is popular among homestay or budget friendly hotel. This fabric carry the cotton characteristic but less wrinkle and easy iron after wash. Hence it is widely use in hospitality industry. Furthermore it has a longer wash cycle than 100% Cotton.

Type of Weave
  • Percale
Percale is a plain weave. This type of weave is lightweight and tighly woven to producing soft and smooth finish.
  • Sateen
Sateen is a type of weaving technique. Many people are confusing Sateen as Satin. It is type of weaving that vertical threads more than horizontal threads. Hence it's producing exceptional soft, smooth and lustrous finish like silk. Sateen weave fabric has front and back finish. Front is more luster or shine, while the back is matte, non-shine side. 
  • Flannel
Flannel is a soft woven fabric and was woven loosely. It may be brushed to raise the the fine fibres (hairs) to make the fabric softer and pliable.

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